– Nigel Oldfield targeted after neighbours discovered his paedophile past
– Angry gang of locals vandalised his house before ransacking the inside
– 54-year-old was assaulted in raid before being rescued by police officers
– Convicted sex offender dubbed a ‘paedophile agony aunt’ after trying to justify actions and demand sex with children be made legal.

A convicted paedophile taunted angry parents with shouts of ‘bring your children to me’ as a mob surrounded his house.

Around 100 people gathered outside the terraced property home of Nigel Oldfield in Rotherham after learning the former chemistry teacher had been living in the neighbourhood for 18 months without neighbours knowing his true identity.
Residents smashed down doors and ransacked the rented property before police were alerted and drove the 54-year-old away, according to eye-witnesses.
The convicted sex offender has been dubbed a ‘paedophile agony aunt’ after taking to television, radio and online blogs in a bid to justify his actions and demand that sex with children be made legal.

The five hour long incident in Maltby, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, last Friday started when a social media posting alerted residents that Oldfield was living in the house.
Graffiti was daubed on his front door and Oldfield – who was carrying a length of wood – was allegedly assaulted.
A pensioner, who asked not to be named said: ‘I heard glass being smashed around 5pm and saw a group of people throwing objects at the windows.
‘More people arrived – there must have been 100 people outside shouting.’
The eyewitness said Oldfield came out of the house and was allegedly heard shouting: ‘Bring your children to me.’
The pensioner added: ‘He was then attacked. He must be used to getting a beating because I could hear him shouting ‘is that all you’ve got?’
Police arrived and cordoned off the area before Oldfield was ushered into a car and driven away.

The house in Queen Mary Street has now been boarded up.
Another eyewitness added: ‘The disgrace is not the public disorder but the fact that we were never told this man was living in the area.
‘People around here are furious. He had been living under their noses for 18 months and they had no idea.’
It is believed a Doncaster resident revealed Oldfield’s identity and location after recognising him as he walked through Maltby.
Disgraced Oldfield, formerly of Doncaster was jailed for 15 months in 2002.
He was found in possession of 11,000 indecent images of children of all ages after a shopper at Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre saw him taking photo of children.
Three years later it was reported he had set up a website while in prison where he played ‘agony uncle’ to paedophiles attempting to justify their activities and demanding that sex with children be made legal.
The site also advised paedophiles how to download child porn without being caught. Since his release from prison Oldfield – who didn’t require hospital treatment following the attack – has appeared on TV and radio shows and posted online blogs defending the action of paedophiles.
In one video blog he said that paedophiles ‘live in constant fear of attacks and harassment’.
A local blogger has posted a picture of Oldfield sitting in Rotherham Hospital’s cafe while another posted the message: ‘Nigel Oldfield is a convicted sex offender. He is the worst kind. An unrepentant one.’
South Yorkshire police would not comment on the eyewitness claims, Mr Oldfield’s involvement or confirm details of the incident in Maltby.


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