When her son contracted an inexplicable illness, young mother Lacey Spears set off on a desperate journey to discover his cure. Spears, who grew up in Decatur, Alabama and later moved to Kentucky with her little boy was an all-American woman who loved dolls and children.

And when the time came, Spears wanted children of her own. And when she happened to get pregnant, her dreams began to materialize. Then she gave birth to her little boy Garnett, and Spears couldn’t have been happier.

But when the boy was just nine days old, motherhood took a hit. Garnett got sick and had to be hospitalized. The trauma of the event was devastating for Spears and her family…

“She always wanted to be looking after children and when she left school, she went into child care, and when she started taking care of children, people would notice how much more time she would spend with the children than everyone else,” said author John Glatt, who wrote My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood.

But after Garnett grew sick as a newborn, his mother rushed him to the hospital where she made some shocking claims.

“Within days she was taking him to the hospital and complaining that he wasn’t eating and he was failing to thrive and he was getting all these infections and everything,” said Glatt.

This was to be only the first of dozens of similar trips to the hospital. And every time, poor little Garnett had a growing list of symptoms.

“The doctors were baffled by the various things that she said: She had Crohn’s Disease, she said Garnett had many other diseases, which were inexplicable,” said Glatt.

Often Lacey would complain to doctors that her boy wouldn’t eat.

“When he was eight months old, she asked to have a feeding tube put in because she said he was a ‘failure-to-thrive child,’” said Glatt. “She went to various doctors and hospitals, many of them were very hesitant to put a feeding tube in, but eventually she found one doctor that did.”

Eventually, Spears moved to Florida with her son and sought out new solutions to his problems. She got involved in holistic foods and then moved again – this time to a hippie commune in upstate New York.

“She told everyone about Garnett, the terrible illnesses he’d had over his life, how he was a failure-to-thrive child who had all these various diseases and couldn’t eat, they’d take him out to a diner and they’d see him eat double portions and whatever and things started not to add up,” said author John Glatt.

Then Spears takes him to the hospital.

“A young boy who’s bouncing in the bed one moment, and within 10 minutes, deathly ill,” said Ramapo Police Detective Kirk Budnick.

Eventually, the police poked holes in Spears’s story and went to search her apartment.

“When we walked in there was open setting kind of apartment, and in the middle of it was a feeding-machine pump that appeared to be breast milk in the feeding bag,” said Det. Dunn. “There was a small table off to the side, it had all the medications that she had told us, there was like seven, eight medications that she had told Detective Carfi that she was currently giving her son, lined up on the table, and in the middle of those was a sea salt container.”

Then the police found the video evidence.

“It’s something that will haunt me. It’s the worst video,” said Det. Dunn. “We actually had to watch a video of a 5-year-old child being murdered.”

What do you make of this twisted and evil mother?

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