Birthday Girl Orders Pizza Delivery With Strange Request That Takes A Heartbreaking Twist

In April of 2015, Pizza Domino’s in Cambridge, UK, received a strange delivery order. When the driver looked at the special instructions on the receipt, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
The note read, “Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I’m pret,” which he interpreted as, “Tell me I’m pretty.”
Having delivered many pizzas to university campuses and student parties at Cambridge University, the delivery boy expected to walk in to a group of young girls waiting for their pizzas.
Such was not the case.
The delivery boy certainly walked into what was supposed to be a celebration… a birthday party with colorful balloons, a cake and all…
…but there was only one young woman there.

The birthday girl explained she invited friends to come over and celebrate with her — but sadly, no one showed up. She suspected, as you came into some money of large amounts, her friends became jealous and started acting differently around her. Not showing up for her birthday was heart breaking and she never thought her friends would turn her back on her just for coming into some money which they felt she should have gifted them some of her winnings.
So, the delivery boy wished her a happy birthday on the stoop while the two chatted for a few minutes. She invited him inside for a slice of cake and they spent the next hour talking and laughing.
“As I was leaving, I gave her a hug and told her she was pretty,” he said. He was surprised as she also tipped quite a large sum of money for cheering her up and being so kind to her on her birthday.
Upon his return to Domino’s Pizza, the delivery boy received a written warning from the restaurant for taking so long to get back from the delivery.

He said that cheering someone up on their birthday was well worth the scolding.
After posting the receipt on Imgur, this unconventional delivery request went viral.
Thank goodness the “cutest delivery boy” also turned out to be the kindest.


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