Many women like to push the boundaries when it comes to their beauty look. 

But these hilarious photos prove those risks don’t always pay off. 

The images, which were shared in an online gallery, capture those who ruined their faces by tattooing, penciling and over-plucking their eyebrows.

One woman painted her brows to look like waves while another was left with wobbly arches hand-drawn with a pencil. Several have ditched the natural arch in favour of straight-lines, right-angles and even cats.

Best angle? These woman ditched traditional shapes in favour of corners that frame her eyes

More is more: These two women experiment with the thickness and darkness of their brows

Pushing boundaries: These brows have been meticulously plucked into an unusual shape

Ahead of the curve: A bizarre hand-drawn pencil look, left, and dramatic thick waves, right

Uneven: There is a difference in the curve and length of these two drawn-on eyebrows

True blue: Intricate tribal tattoos, left, and deep archways, right, transform these faces

Going above and beyond: This woman colours large blocks around her brows to get her look

Risk-taker: One woman plays with colour, left, while another takes a bold approach to shape

She’s hooked: A right-angle edge and strange colour combine to create this bizarre style

Thin is in: One woman tattoos new arches above her own, left, another opts for straight lines

Strange shape: Dramatic, thin eyebrow arches finish this dramatic make-up look

Twice as nice: This woman doubled up on her arches, left. Right, a fan of tattooed eyebrows

Bizarre: This woman swapped her natural brow shape for one that is utterly baffling

Shape-shifters: Partially shaved brows, left, and pencil-thin arches create a startled look

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