The job of a parent is to be patient, understanding, and certainly a good example to the child, especially in public. If this were a “normal” job, this mother would be fired on the spot.

Her child drops a burger, and the mom reacts in a way that is guaranteed to enrage you. No kid deserves what this mother dished out.

The video is indeed graphic, as you’ll see how horrible the mother reacts when the burger-drop incident takes place.

After ripping him out of the chair, she tosses the kid on the ground. Then grabs him, and actually clocks him in the face! Totally insane.

Hopefully this video will help to put this woman away. Not many people will believe something this harsh could ever take place from an actual mother. Really horrible.

Unfortunately, abuse like this is not uncommon as the U.S. has the worst record of child abuse among industrialised nations. You can see why in this horrid video. Always contact police immediately when you see signs of abuse as it could save a child’s life.

Share this shocking video to spread awareness and push for more people to report incidents like this when they unfortunately do occur.


  1. That’s so sad to watch. What about the dude sitting behind the desk that does nothing an sits there like he can’t see shit…

    The poor child get even defend himselves…

    Justice will be served one day she will suffer an hurt….

    • Weres tht in u,s. Well it needs going onto some sort of news fkin wrong en she is love to be let loose on tht cunt sorry bit kids are precious not a dkin punch bag for idiots.

  2. Disgusting why didn’t the person behind the counter do anything to stop her. Evil woman can’t call her a mother after what she has done. I hope she gets put away and the child is taken away from her

  3. Cannot understand why the coward behind the counter didn’t do something. He should be charged and sacked. As for her I couldn’t write what I think. My blood is boiling. I sincerely hope the social services have intervened and NOT given her the “benefit of the doubt”.

    • That’s awful but that guy just stood their and watch it if that was me I would of done something to help that poor child that’s no right some people do not deserve children

  4. Shocking but have you ever intervened in a case of a child being ill treated or abused in a shop or supermarket. You are given verbal and maybe violence from one or other parent when you head to your car in the car park. That’s why people don’t get involved. I hope this woman is punished by the authorities as the child was too small to retaliate. Cruelty beyond compare.

  5. I’m so upset watching this I want to pick the child up and tell her to back off, I don’t understand how someone can film this or sit and watch without jumping in and stopping it and call the police if she’s doing that in public right enough what the hell is that child going through at home, that woman doesn’t love her child and shouldn’t have him/her I pray she gets found.

  6. please tell me that they have got that THING ,can not call her a mother that treats a child like that, as Debra Reilly says how does she treat that child at home if she will do that in front of others, and yes the coward playing on his phone needs to grow a pair and do something.

  7. If the man behind the counter felt he couldn’t intervene, then he should have called the police saying a child was in danger and needed help straight away.

  8. A crappy mother, a useless slob behind the counter, and a child who so obviously is used to being beaten.
    Dear God why does someone not get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. This is disgusting child abuse in a public place….and I’ll bet worse happens at home. Useless people all around….she’s there abusing her child in front of you all….poor baby. 🙁 The police should have been called immediately. Someone should have done something. Was this recorded on the cafe camera…or was someone taking a video of it??? Makes me feel sick.

  9. Police should have been called. If she did this to an adult, it would be considered assault. What??? Because he is not 18 yet, it is okay???????????


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